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old timer 6 years ago
Thats some strange shit right there.
That dame looks like she was swimming in an oil slick,
Like some marine creature washed up on the shore,
Trying to get all that crude oil washed off.
I remember the exxon valdez.
Yes siree!!
aries 8 years ago
Yes sex
aye 8 years ago
dat bih got some nice titties doe
Buttsex101 8 years ago
Damn kids and there new fangle sex machines, Get a job ya' hippy hookers!
good. 8 years ago
buck satan 8 years ago
does bed come with de girl
horny ray 8 years ago
holy shit, totally fuck n hot
andtheysaiditcouldntbedone 8 years ago
OoooKayyyy! And the point is? form of modern art I've ever seen.
what name 8 years ago
What name
wtf 13 years ago
this shits wierd